October 2014 5 Action Researches in the field of quality early education were presented in the kindergarten from village Ciorescu, Chişinău municipality

The 5 Action Researches the Action-researches –conducted for the first time in Moldova in the field of early childhood education – were presented at the Kindergarten „Licurici” from the village Ciorescu, Chişinău municipality, during an event organized within the framework of the project “Global Partnership for Education”.

The Action researches were conducted by the team of researchers and practitioners guided by the Center for Investigations and Consultation “SocioPolis” within the project „Global Partnership for Education”, implemented by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the World Bank and UNICEF.

The 5 Action researches conducted in 5 preschool institutions from the Republic of Moldova, and namely the kindergartens no. 183 and no. 130 from Chişinău, kindergarten no. 2011 from Durleşti, kindergarten no. 202 from Ciorescu and the kindergarten from village Horăşti, Ialoveni , focused on:
- Professional development of the teaching staff employed in early education according to National Occupational Standards.

The Action research carried out in the preschool institution from Ciorescu included the participation of the teenagers from the community in activities conducted with children from the kindergarten in interest learning centers. This experience, shared by volunteers that attended the event, was in their opinion "unusual but valuable for each" of the 6 teenagers.

The Action researches in early childhood education were conducted by researchers of institutions training specialists in early education (State Pedagogical University "Ion Creanga" Pedagogical College "Alexei Mateevici" and The State University of Moldova) and experienced practitioners in the field (kindergarten principals or specialists working in Chisinau municipality and rural localities of the Republic of Moldova).

The project „Global Partnership for Education” is implemented by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova in collaboration with the World Bank and UNICEF.

  • Professional development at the workplace through mentoring activities and their impact on the quality of early childhood education practices.
  • Evaluation of early and preschool age children based on learning and development standards for children from birth to the age of 7.
  • Efficient organization of educational activities according to interest centers involving high school volunteers.
  • Inclusion in early childhood education of children with special educational needs.

  • Center of Investigations and Consultation is a member of the Technical Assistance Alliance