Septembrie 2014 - Iulie 2016 Strengthening qualification of persons providing social protection services to children and youth in Moldova
DONOR: Czech Development Agency

During the period September 2014 – June 2016, SocioPolis with Caritas Czech Republic implementing the project Strengthening qualification of persons providing social protection services to children and youth in Moldova.

On the national level there will be trainings for 850 persons working in the field of social protection of children (foster care parents, social assistants and educators from community day care and temporary placement centers for children, specialists from the Territorial Structures of Social Assistance and Family Protection).

For the purpose of trainings for the above mentioned workers the project team of Moldovan experts, assisted by an international expert, will elaborate didactic materials and curricula for initial and continuous trainings of these workers.

These materials will reflect the results of a large survey on training needs of the above mentioned workers and thus the real needs in the given area. The team of experts from Moldova will follow also international experience and examples of "best practices" applicable in Moldova.

The elaborated training material will be used not only within the project but also after the project is finished for initial and continuous trainings of workers in services of child social protection organized by MLSPF.

The Project overall objective is Strengthening the system of social protection of vulnerable children in Moldova with a specific objective: To strengthen qualification and specialized knowledge and skills of persons providing child social protection services in Moldova and the transfer of experience and knowledge in the area of raising and educating children.

To accomplish this objective, the Project aims on working with following target groups: 350 foster care parents, 380 specialists from community centers (social workers, psychologists, educators from placement or day care centers for children), and 120 specialists from the territorial structures of social assistance.

Final beneficiaries of the Project are children under foster care and from temporary placement centers, in risk situation attending community day care centers, Moldovan Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF), 35 units of Territorial Structures of Social Assistance, NGOs, and society as whole.

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