November 2015 Training of specialists from social services

On the 2nd of November, 2015 the training courses for professionals within the „Strengthening qualification of persons providing social protection services to children and youth from Moldova” project have started. The project is implemented by Caritas Czech Republic and the Centre for Investigations and Consultation ”SocioPolis” in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family with the financial support of the Czech Development Agency.

The topics tackled issues related to both international and national standards on the protection and care of children at risk and children left behind, child growth and development, support provided to at-risk child in overcoming past trauma, solving learning, behavioural and emotional issues as well as subjects related to caregivers’ health by acquiring some techniques to prevent occupational burnout.

The goal of the training courses lies in improving knowledge and developing caregivers’ practical skills that will lead to the quality enhancement of the relationship between the child and social worker.

The training sessions represent a continuum in strengthening qualifications of persons providing social protection services to children and youth through ongoing support that includes theoretical information as well as practical suggestions, examples and working resources.

At the end of training, specialists will be awarded certificates of participation confirming completion of 20 hours of training.

Center of Investigations and Consultation is a member of the Technical Assistance Alliance