June 2014 Health workers originating from the Republic of Moldova who live and work in Romania

The study Health workers originating from the Republic of Moldova, who live and work in Romania aims to find out the situation of the health workers working in the Romania health system, the factors that have motivated their emigration, their problems and strategies for future.

The specific nature of the given study refers to finding and analyzing opinions of different social actors: representatives of central public authorities from Romania, representatives of professional associations from Romania in medical area, managers of medical institutions from Romania and of different health workers originating from Republic of Moldova, who work in the Romanian health system. At the same time, the study aimed to study the legal framework existing in Romania, which serves as basis for the integration of health workers from Republic of Moldova in the health system in Romania.

This study is meant for the representatives of World Health Organization Moldova, authorities from Republic of Moldova and Romania, health workers and their families, Moldovan diaspora in Romania, all those who are interested in migration of human capital and possibilities for their involvement in the development of the country of origin.

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