October 2011 Comparative study on knowledge, attitude and practices related to the educational inclusion of children with special educational needs in family, school and community

The process of deinstitutionalization of children from residential institutions necessarily involves major changes at the social level, including secondary schools. The process itself is inevitable if taking into account measures taken by international bodies to defend and promote the rights of people / children with special educational needs.

The purpose of this research is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices related to the inclusive education of children with special educational needs, in the family, school and community in the 4 rayons located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova.

This study is intended for the teaching staff employed in common or special schools, school principals, specialists working in the field of social assistance and family protection, parents, pupils and, not least, for the decision makers. This study approaches educational inclusion as a necessity and possibility to reform and develop secondary schools, which should encourage the education of all children within the community.

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